Sri Murni and Her Etawa

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Sri Murni has an important role in goats belonging to him. Etawa are dairy goats that can produce good quality milk. She had ten goats jointly managed Livestock Group Etawa in one area in the hamlet Sukorejo, Girikerto, Turi, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

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Youth Nationality For Indonesia

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Commemoration of Youth Pledge Day, a number of youths staged performances entitled “Selendang Sutera” in Monument SO1M, Yogyakarta, on Tuesday (28/10). 40 people from 34 provinces were dancing together at the opening of the first day of the event. Cultural performances will take place from 28-31 October 2014 at the open stage Kilometer Zero. This is one form of national unity of the various tribes in Indonesia.

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Jogja Percussion Art

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The festival is called Jogja Percussion Festival. This year is the first time Jogja Percussion Festival was held in 2014. JPF will feature more than 100 percussionists. This event will be held in every district in Yogyakarta in August. Venue is taken from each district are: Kalibawang-Progo, Bale Village Kepek, Wonosari-Gunungkidul, JL. Parangtritis, Bantul-Tembi Cultural House, Field district. Turi-Sleman. Then Grand Concert will be held in the Court of Boko temple, Bokoharjo-Sleman.

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Harvest Time

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When harvest season comes most owners of the rice fields rice harvested using handyman services for their fields. Depending on how widespread the rice fields that they have, for a small enough size to use two people. Their salaries are paid using the distribution of rice, an average of one basket of rice or a third as much as a sack of rice for each person. They work from 6 am until late afternoon. Hard work indeed, but they are already familiar with it.

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